NOW&AFTER'17 theme is FLASHBACK’17

The Festival’s seventh edition will be held at the Center of Creative Industries FABRIKA 

July 5th - 30th, 2017

OPENING: July 5th at 8pm at CCI Fabrika (Perevedenovsky lane, 18)

Now&After'17  organizer      Media Art Center Now&After

Now&After'17  co-organizer      CCI Fabrika

Now&After Director and Curator  Marina Fomenko

This year International Video Art Festival Now&After reviews the intermediate results of its first seven years and takes place without open call.

“Flashback’17” is a look both into the past and the future with the pause in the present. In 2017, we'd like to remember the best works and presenting their retrospective, as well as to show the new projects by the participants of the Festival previous editions.  After all, a flashback is a deviation from the routine for a look back. This year our audience will see video works of 47 Russian and foreign artists.

At CCI Fabrika Olivier Hall we will present the namesake exhibition “Flashback’17”. It comprises new works of artists already participated in the Now&After Festival, including the previous editions' winners.

At CCI Fabrika Burnishing Department there will be the everyday nonstop retrospective screenings of all Now&After  award-winning works 2011-2016.

Now&After Special Program involves retrospective screenings of different countries’ festivals’ video art programs, as well as performances, artist talks and round tables.

“Flashback’17” exhibition is dedicated to memory.

Participants of the exhibition: Leila  Alaoui, Morocco, Crossings / Natasha Dahnberg, Baggage, Sweden / Vica Ilyushkina, Maya Popova, Lost Fragmets, Russia / Mairéad McClean, Mary | Encode Series 1, UK / Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Face Book, Russia / Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Body Snatcher, Germany / Maryam Tafakory, Poem and Stone, UK / Clemens Wilhelm, When You Change the Way You  Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change, Germany.

Among the participants there  is Moroccan artist Leila Alaoui (1982-2016), who died during the terrorist attack in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. We will always remember Leila. Her work “Crossings” that was awarded Now&After’14 Jury Honorable Mention will be presented at the exhibition. This video shows a long and painful migrants’ journey from Africa to the European shores. Artists from UK, Mairead McClean (“Mary| Encode Series 1”) and Maryam Tafakory (“Poem and Stone”) recall their childhood memories, integrate the past into the present and revive the childhood recollections stored in flecks of sunlight and in old photographs, in smells and body perceptions. Natasha Dahnberg (Sweden) gets her collection of memories out of a bottomless handbag (“Baggage”). Vika Ilyushkina and Maya Popova from Russia recreate in their work “Lost Fragments” the episodes of the past using language of plastique. Benjamin Ramírez Pérez from Germany creates a film - recollection, according to the author “a sort of parasitic science fiction remake” of Barbara Loden’s film “Wanda” (1970), combining the found footage and his own shots (“Body Snatcher”).  Clemens Wilhelm (Germany) in his work “If You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change” puts the missing and disappearing in the memory space and looks on the life of things leaving people behind the scene. Alexandra Mitlyanskaya transforms a memory of chance encounters into a constellation of lambent faces (“Face Book”). 

More about Now&After Festival:

Video Art Festival Now&After annually presents a review of the world's contemporary video art to a wide audience. Now&After was held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (2011-2013), at the State Museum of GULAG History (2014), at the State Museum of Architecture (2015) and at the State Darwin Museum (2016).

Since Festival's first year we received 4,500 applications from 80 countries across the world from Colombia to Australia. 209 artists from 42 countries have become Festival's participants. Over these 7 years Now&After has become a full member of the world community of video art festivals and has been represented in Italy, Germany, Spain, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Japan, Greece, India, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Peru, the Canary Islands. Every year Now&After programs are presented on the Italian VisualcontainerTV International Videoart Web Channel. Our project’s exhibitions and screenings were held in St. Petersburg (New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television), Samara (Victoria Gallery, TK  Ambar), Krasnoyarsk (Cinema House), Kaluga (Music House), Kirov (Vyatka Vasnetsovs' Art Museum), Krasnodar, Saratov, etc. In Moscow Now&After was held at the Museum of Moscow and the RSUH, in the Polytechnic Museum’s  "Electronic Living Room" and on the facade of the Darwin Museum, at the MARS Gallery and at the Timiryazev Biological Museum.



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Curated by Marina Fomenko


1. Leila Alaoui, Morocco, Crossings, 2012, 06:00

Crossings is a video art project exploring the experience of Sub-Saharan migrants who embark on the perilous journey to reach the much sought-after European shores. The film aims to re-create the disturbing and heartbreaking sensations of their crossings using chocking, often-tragic real life stories.

2. Natasha Dahnberg, Baggage, Sweden, 2016, 05:17

In search of something important, the film main character sorts out everything that has happened in her life and in a bustle misses what she has been looking for so long.

3. Vica Ilyushkina, Maya Popova, Lost Fragmets, Russia, 2014, 01:27

An attempt of reconstruction.The plots of video reminds classical sculptures. Choreographer restores the memories of the past by the analytical method.

4. Mairéad McClean, Mary | Encode Series 1, UK, 2015, 04:00

Mairéad McClean’s work disrupts and restructures events from the past highlighting the unreliability of history.

5. Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Face Book, Russia, 2016-2017, 05:00

The light emanated by the screens and reflected by our faces, transfers us from the virtual world into the space of the universe whose flickering stars became the main motive for creating the work called "Face Book".

6. Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Body Snatcher, Germany, 2016, 17:17

"Body Snatcher" conflates new 16mm material and found footage from Barbara Loden‘s film Wanda (1970) into an abstract, new narrative.

7. Maryam Tafakory, Poem and Stone, UK, 2015, 10:00

One experiences and records the present through bodily sensations that hold memories. Poem and stone interweaves performance, documentary and poetry, drawing on notions of belonging, absence and the impossibility of a return.

8. Clemens Wilhelm, When You Change the Way You Look at Things, the Things You Look at Change, Germany, 2016, 10:00

Why there is no such thing as nothing? The potential of the absent seems endless. This video is the paradox attempt to observe the permanence of change.



I place

Tamar Meir, USA, Potemkin, 2010, 02:05

II place

Taus Makhacheva, Russia, Go, 2010, 03:02


Timo Katz, Jan Fuchs, Germany, The World, 2008, 05:28

Lena Bergendahl, Sweden, We Will See a Different Sunset (part 3), 2009, 01:29

Enda O'Donoghue, Germany, «Etudo Anonimo», 2011, 03:09

Przemek Wegrzyn, Poland, Black T., 2010, 06:32

Pavel Kuznetsov, Russia, Rain, 2010, 02:37

Stefan Adamski, Poland, Re:, 2011, 03:19

Nikolay Alekseev, Russia, The Fall of Ikarus, 2011, 01:45

Eva Zhigalova, Russia, Am I Here?, 2010, 01:07


I place

Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Russia, Babylon, 2010, 05:00

II place

Youki Hirakawa, Japan, Double Dream, 2010, 07:00

III place

Brit Bunkly, New Zealand, Paradox of Plenty (Futurology), 2012, 06:02


Marina Chernikova, Russia, INFO SURFING/ Moscow 2, 2012, 01:30

Roman Mokrov, Russia, Never Ending Story, 2011, 06:45

Lucia Nimcova, Slovakia, Double Coding:, 2010, 05:15

Christopher Steadman, Germany, The Only Way Down is Down, 2011, 05:00


I-II place

Natasha Dahnberg, Sweden, Don't cry over spilled milk, 2013, 04:40

Filip Gabriel Pudło, Poland, The Collection, 2010, 03:51

III place

Dmitry Venkov, Russia, The Chinese Room of Alan Turing, 2011, 09:00


Seth Myers, USA, Corridor Two, 2010, 05:16

Haim Sokol, Russia, I am Spartacus, 2011, 02:04


Neil Bryant, UK, Bye Buy, 2012, 02:42


I place

Clemens Wilhelm, Germany, Peter Is Dead, 2012, 14:4

II place

Chang-Jin Lee, USA, Comfort Women Wanted, 2013, 09:37

III place

Badr El Hammami, France, Memory #2, 2012, 06:00


Marina Ñhernikova, Russia, About About This, 2013, 04:00


Michael Alekseenko, Ukraine, Dust, 2014, 07:00


Leila Alaoui, Morocco, Crossings, 2012, 06:00

Elena Artemenko, Russia, Comfortable Protest, 2012-2013, 03:25

Milou van der Maaden, UK, From A Head To A Head, 2013, 04:25

Daniel Pesta, Czech Republic, I Was Born in Your Bed, 2012-2013, 09:98


I place

Meirav Heiman, Israel, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Children's Room, 2013, 06:10

II place

Julia Kurek, Poland, Lucha Libre – Free Fight, 2015, 07:49

III place

Tushar Waghela, India, The Home, 2014, 04:54


Daria Vlasova, Russia, Leave Me Alone, 2013, 02:22


Liva Dudareva, Eduardo Cassina, Latvia, Stop Over City, 2014 , 08:42

Nastya Kuzmina, Nadya Grishina, Russia, a Fuss, 2014, 05:48

Mairead McClean, UK, No More, 2013, 14:53


I place

Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Germany, A Fire in My Brain that Separates Us, 2015, 15:00

II place

Nick Jordan, UK, The Atom Station, 2015, 13:20

III place

Marie-France Giraudon, Canada, Entro(SCO)py, 2016, 15:30

Christian Niccoli, Germany, Untitled, 2013, 04:10


Elena Artemenko, Russia, Soft Power, 2016, 10:00


Aida Colomenero Diaz, Spain, Exodus, 2015, 03:30

Luca Ferri, Italy, Tottori, 2014, 06:00

Augustin Rebetez, Switzerland, Birds, 2016, 06:00


Guest Programs

Video Art Miden, Without me, I’m nothing (Greece)

Curated by Gioula Papadopoulou

Artists: Riccardo Muroni, 010, Italy / Jenny Birger & Tamuz Rachman, Lurking, Israel / Kristina Paustian, Positions, Germany / Benjamin Yavuzsoy, Flour Room, Germany / Valerie Lessard, Les insulaires, Canada/ Miloushka Bokma, WinterWende, Netherlands / Ant Hamlyn, Light a Candle for Brierfield, UK/ Boris Eldagsen, How to disappear completely / POEM #11s, Germany / Andrej Polukord, Sequence, Lithuania.

International Festival of Digital Arts Videoformes, Best of Videoformes 2017 (France)

Curated by Gabriel Soucheyre

Artists: Samuel Yal, Nœvus, France (Distinction Prix Université Clermont Auvergne des étudiants 2017) / Alan Lake , Ravages, Canada / Bob Kohn & François Gaulon, Projections, France (Prix VIDEOFORMES 2017 / Conseil Départemental du Puy-de-Dôme) / Seb Kraemer, Solid, France, 2016 / Julie Chaffort, Dogs-Wolves, France / Hugo Arcier & Mathilde Marc, Camgirl odalisque, France (Prix Université Clermont Auvergne des étudiants 2017) / Gérard Cairaschi, Immagine, France / Alessandro Amaducci, Post Rebis, Italy.

Guest Programs’ Retrospective

Magmart Festival, F.I.V.E. (Italy)

Project art director and main curator: Enrico Tomaselli

Artists: Erigue LaCorbeille, Collecting Voices to Build a Conscience / Andreas Mares, Gone in 253 Seconds / Nara Denning, Mosquito’s Prayer / Russell Chartier, Parabolic Perspective / Sylvia Toy, The Sound of Being / Silvia De Gennaro, Eagle Eggs / Francesca Amati, Jump in the Lake.

Still Laps Video Art, Anthropocene (France)

Curated by Arnaud Brihay

Artists: Adel Abidin, Vacuum / Anders Weberg, Into my Arms / Angelika Markul, Bambi in Chernobyl / Annakarin Quinto, The Unbearable Resistance to Perception #4 / Anne-Charlotte Finel, Entre Chien et Loups (music: Luc Kheradmand) / Arnaud Brihay, To and Around / Claude Cattelain, Fabrica / Brighton - day 10 recovered / Daniel Ivan, Lumpen / Elina Brotherus, The Black Bay Sequence. Part 1 / Herve All, White Light / Herve Penhoat, MHCII - Mémoire Hors Champs / Ines von Bonhorst, Influx / Laurent Grasso, Projection / Marc Tallec, Prendre le temps / Piotr Lis, Margins / Rachel Hines, Running / Screaming / William Lamson, Emerge / Yannick Vallet, Carcasse et graffitis / Gerco De Ruijter & Michel Banabila, Grid Corrections (a one minute).

Video Art Platform Visualcontainer, Collective Shades (Italy)

Curated by Alessandra Arno

Artists: Rita Casdia, Stangliro / Katharina Gruzei, Workers leaving the factory (again) / Elisabetta Di Sopra, Temporary / Yuri Pirondi + Ines von Bonhorst, Void Shades: London Series / Daniela Di Maro, Migrations / Di Bernardo Rietti Toppeta, Fisiognomica / Maria Korporal + Sonia Armaniaco, Heart-Earth / Chiara Mazzocchi, Human Alienation / Anita Cala, La Ballata / Patrizia Bonardi, The immobility of tree.

CologneOff Festival, space~occupied (Germany)

Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Artists: Alexander Callsen, Gap Camp, Germany / Signe Chiper-Lillemark, Spaces, Denmark / Cynthia Whelan, The Everyday, UK / Sinem Serap Duran, Adequate, Turkey / Theme Bannenberg & NOK Snel, Behind Closed Doors, The Netherlands / Todd Fuller, One and only, Australia / Susanne Wiegner, Home, Sweet Home!, Germany / Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Message from Behind the Wall, Germany / Yuval Yairi & Zohar Kawaharada, Land, Israel / Sven-Eri Scheuerling, Box NN, Germany / Sai Hua Kuan, Space Dawing No.5, Singapore.,

Centro de Artes de Vanguardia La Neomudejar, IVAHM Video Art Festival, Video Art & Architecture through Hispanic Literature (Spain)

Curated by Francisco Brives and Nestor Prieto

Artits: Sam3, La Puerta( The Door), feat Amado Nervo / Clara Aparicio Yoldi, Ram Cities, feat Ruben Darío / Lisi Prada, Electric Water, feat Quevedo, 2010, 3:15 / Isabel Perez del Pulgar, 48ºN, feat Mario Benedetti, 2015, 3:48 / Julia Juaniz, So Far, So Close, feat Luis Cernuda / Manuel A. Diestro, Displacements, feat Rosalía de Castro / Guzman de Arza Blache, Souvenir, feat Celso Emilio Ferreiro.,


Vladimir Kolesnikov, Personal Time

Maria Sarkisyants, Rock Garden

PYRFYR performance school graduates (Lisa Morozova course)


Copyright (c) Now&After. International Video Art Festival in Moscow
Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.