Special project of International Video Art Festival Now&AfterТ18



Exhibition of Taiwanese Digital Art
5.03- 29.03.2018, CCI Fabrika
Opening 5.03 at 7 pm

Organizers: Media Art Centre Now&After, Osmosis Audiovisual Media Festival
Partners: CCI Fabrika, ASC (The Art Shelter and Cinema)

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Curators: Yun-Ting Hung, Wen‐Chi Wang

Pei-Shih Tu, Abstraction and Pixilation of “Gennady Golovkin vs Marco Antonio Rubio 18 10 2014”, 2-channels animated video
Wen-Hsin Teng, Blue tears, three-channels video
Tsan-Cheng Wu, Still Life, mixed media
Chih-Ming Fan, In the Fog - The Abandoned City, 2-channels video installation
Hsien-Yu Cheng, Portrait 2013 Douglas Engelbart, video installation
I-Yeh Wu, Dollar-Post, website, documents
I-Yeh Wu, Wave, 2016, 4:40, single-channel video installation

Screening program
Digital Break: New Perspectives on Taiwanese Moving Image

A new collection of artists’ film and video curated from Osmosis, Taiwan’s leading film, video and music festival. A varied collection of film and video by some of Taiwan’s cutting edge artists working with moving image and creative technology. All the artists grew up in the digital era, and their works respond to an age obsessed with digital culture and imagery, creating dialogues between technology, film and video art.

Chen Yin-Ju & James T. Hong, End Transmission, 2010, 15:40
Lin Shih- Chieh, A Short History of Decay, 2014, 5:45
Niu Jun-Qiang, When I'm Getting Older with You, 2009, 5:10
Hsu Che-Yu, Microphone Test: A Letter to Huang Guo-Jun, 2015, 25:18
Wu Tzu-an, Stargazing, 2017, 4:44
Wu Chi-Yu, Nosedive, 2017, 15:00

Copyright (c) Now&After. International Video Art Festival in Moscow
Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.