Now&After Festival continues VIDEO ARTIST: NOW&AFTER project in collaboration with Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
This is a series of online meetings with well-known Russian and foreign artists, participants of the Now&After International Video Art Festival with presentation and discussion of their works.

Participants: Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, Elena Artemenko, Evgeny Granilshchikov, Gentle Women group, Hiroya Sakurai (Japan), Meirav Heiman (Israel), Natasha Dahnberg (Sweden), Roi group.

The meetings are hosted by Marina Fomenko, curator and director of Now&After International Video Art Festival.

The meetings’ schedule:

5 March - Natasha Dahnberg (Sweden), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

19 March - Elena Artemenko (Russia), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

26 March - Gentle Women Group (Russia), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

27 April – Roi Group (Russia), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

11 May – Hiroya Sakurai (Japan), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

25 May - Alexandra Mitlyanskaya (Russia), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

1 June - Evgeny Granilshchikov (Russia), 7.30-8.30pm Moscow time

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Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.