International Video Art Festival Now&After`19



Media Art Center Now&After
CCI Fabrika
Supported by French Institute in Russia

Now&After’19 will be held at Center of Creative Industries Fabrika 17.04 – 12.05.2019.

Starting this year International Video Art Festival Now&After will work in a new format. Festival’s editions based on open call will be held every other year, as a biennale. In the year between them, we are going to hold a festival-exhibit featuring new works of artists from Now&After previous editions.

Now&After’19 will take place as an exhibition, and next year the festival will take the familiar form, accepting artists’ applications. Now&After’19 theme is “Collective Is Near”. 

Collective is not an empty word for us. We live in a collective and near it, coming in contact with its different types: groups, teams, parties, occasionally entering them and leaving them, retreating a safe distance away and choosing a suitable one.
What is a collective? Is it a group of people united by a common cause, or an inviolable union from a not-too-distant socialistic past? Is it a crowd bound to a single purpose, or a group of people cherishing their shared memories? Where does the influence of a crowd end, giving way to individuality? Where are the limits of the mimicry, dissolving an individual in a collective, and when does the conflict begin? How do the Morphean collective unconscious and the repressed personal unconscious manifest themselves?

More info will follow soon.

Copyright (c) Now&After. International Video Art Festival in Moscow
Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.