Now&After exhibition GREEN AROUND in Taipei



International Video Art Festival Now&After presents an exhibition GREEN AROUND at South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival in Greenhouse of Qingnian Park in Taipei 7.12-29.12.2019.

GREEN AROUND is a joint project by the International Video Art Festival Now&After and South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival (Taiwan) consisting of video art works and performances.

International Video Art Festival Now&After presents the works of video artists from Russia, Japan, and New Zealand: “Roi” and “Gentle Women” groups, Brit Bunkley, Alexandra Mitlyandskaya, Roman Mokrov, Hiroya Sakurai and Marina Fomenko. South Sour Water Performance and Visual Art Festival presents the works of Taiwan media artists — Liu Wen Chi and Wang Shao Gang.

The world around us is colorful and everchanging. It is dominated by green — the symbol of life and nature. The world vibrates in the richness of nature’s colors: bright green and dark green, chartreuse and pale green, grass-green and turquoise, iridescent green and porraceous, glaring green and grey-green, blue-green and yellowish green, emerald green and moss green. The artists’ works resonate with each other and blend in with the green surrounding them in the park’s greenhouse, where the exhibit is held.

The enchanting artificial landscape by Liu Wen Chi is mimicking its green environment (“An Eluding Wild Hill”). Brit Bunkley’s floating island exists only in the virtual reality (“Godzone”). Hiroya Sakurai brings us into the underwater world of rice paddies where nature is intertwined with the artificial (“Stream VIII”). Roman Mokrov invites us to an intimate own small-town Eden, where the time stands still, caught in the swamp, protecting the paradise of a lone dreamer (“Paradise”). Timeless people, who fell into the present, surrender themselves to dance in a Moscow park (Marina Fomenko, “A Ball”). Somewhere on the other end, a bench is waiting for its companion in the limitless flood waters (Alexandra Mitlyandskaya, “A Bench in the Water”). In trying to catch a fairytale, the Gentle Women Group is braving the stinging nettle in their videoperformance “Utrica”. Wang Shao Gang lifts the veil on the illusive microworld of insects in his work “One Stroke”. “Roi” Group women are waging a losing battle on weeds, hypnotizing the viewer with its cadenced absurdity (“Weeds”).

Marina Fomenko


  1. Gentle Women group (Alexandra Artamonova, Eugenia Lapteva), Russia, Utrica, 2018
  2. Roi Group (Anna Butenko, Antonina Gorbenko, Varvara Grankova, Lyuba Sautina, Victoria Khrenova), Russia,Weeds, Russia, 2017, 6:36
  3. Brit Bunkley, Godzone, New Zealand, 2017, 5:33
  4. Marina Fomenko, A Ball, Russia, 2018-2019, 7:50
  5. Liu, Wen-Chi, The Running Wild Hill, Taiwan, mixed media, 2018
  6. Alexandra Mitlyanskaya, A Bench in the Water, Russia, 2013, 2:28
  7. Roman Mokrov, Paradise, Russia, 2013, 2:16
  8. Hiroya Sakurai, The Stream VII, Japan, 2016, 6:00
  9. Wang Shao Gang Taiwan, One Stroke, 2018, 5:20

Copyright (c) Now&After. International Video Art Festival in Moscow
Director/curator Marina Fomenko. All rights reserved.